Monday, January 1, 2007

A very Virtual New Years Eve

Laugh if you will, but Yes, I spent my New Years Eve on SL. As parents of two little boys, we didn't have any plans. So stay home it was.

In the spirit of the evening, I doned a cute little New Years shirt set I picked up as a freebie and one of my fav pair of jeans. Along with the shirt and very cute undies, I got a glass of champange, Which of course I donned immediatly. So my partying started out at a very casual bash at a club I frequent. They were throwing cash in the sploader and raffle ball, and just having a good time. So I figured Why not take a chance. Who knows you might just end up 3,000 $L richer. Bah, it figures, I didn't. lol. Usually thier sploader is fairly nice to me, but apparently it knew my motives were not in contest spirit( they wern't having a contest) so it gave me less than I put in. *sigh* Oh well, all in the fun of the holiday.

Later in the evening, the club I work at was having a Best Formals event, so I donned my newest dress( a very pretty teal celtic patterend dress. Non flexi, but very pretty non the less) and headed over. I was late of course, and only managed to get there in time for the voting. Not wanting to change out of the dress, I searched for another formal party. I was in luck, there was a masked ball. So I grabbed a very nicely put together half mask and headed out. There were lots of fab dresses and well put together men all dancing to some soothing classical music. All the while Im still sipping my champange.

After that party ended, I searched for another formal bash, since I still had time before the prepared fireworks show back at the club I work for. I ended up at a club I've never been to before, and it was packed. By the time I needed to leave, I could hardly move for the lag. Finally I managed to get home to change and put my jeans and t-shirt back on. ( Still sipping from my glass by the way, That takes talent, getting dressed while holding a partially full glass of any liquid)

The fireworks had just started when I made it to the beach. It was really nice to sit and watch all the particles fly. Our master of the pyro did a great job mixing colors and styles. There were a few times we had to duck to avoid the wild bottle rocket, but overall it was a great show. Hope you enjoy the view I had as much as I did!

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