Saturday, January 6, 2007

A romantic get away.

I was exploring the other day and found a very pretty place to relax with that certian someone. C&C Creations has a beatiful island filled with romantic spots to cuddle or more with the love of your sl life. ( They have a store that sells thier wedding supplies or just lovey dovey gifts to give to the avatar you luv ^-^) The island is a large set of mountians with a valley of love in the middle. Thier are spectacular views from the top peaks and wonderful cozy spots in the depths of the valley.

You can cuddle near a waterfall in a swing or on a rug. Sit by a campfire and give your love eskimo kisses. Personally I liked wandering and seeing all the flowers and trees. Im a little afraid of heights, so the views from the peaks were breathtaking in more than one sense.

I wandered with one of my close friends to do this shoot, but he's a little camera shy. So I took one with a close follower, The ever present Blue pose ball ^-^ ( tribute to another travelers blog, she's such an inspiration) By the way, this shot was taken in a hidden area. ^-~

Half of the island is free to explore, the other half is private, but there is still plenty to explore and enjoy. Ok it seems I am unable to find the land mark or the slurl today. I found this on the money tree list ( I hop from place to place sometimes in my old folder of landmarks, as they tend to change every so often to something new), I promise, I will update this with a landmark or slurl as soon as I can ^-^

As always your friendly shapeshifter is off agian!

Oh No! It looks like Im Shipwrecked! Tune in to see if I make it off the next island ^-^


SLNatalia said...

OMG, you are shipwrecked in Pot Healers too! :) Let me know if you get off the island! The place is huge!

Ekio Locatiare said...

Yes, it is amazing. Thanks for stopping by.