Tuesday, January 30, 2007

And now for the extras of the island.

Well today I thought I'd take you to some of the more intimate spots of Vixens Isle. There are hideways to take your sweetheart and great spots to just relax with somone you like as well.

First off there is the Amazon Hideway. Where you can relax jungle style for a while with somone sweet, or all by yourself if you feel like it.

Next we have the Bunny Showers a great spa in the sky to take the avatar of your love life.

And last on our tour is the Mountian retreat where you can sit in the peace of the mountian, or swim in the pools at the base of the waterfall. you can even take a dive off the top pool to the bottom pool. ( Unfortunatly, no matter how hard I tried, I couldnt get a picture of me diving. Its still a fun animation though ^-^)

There are other spots on the island to visit, but you will just have to stop by to see them. ^-~

Hope to see you on the island! Now off to find that certian outfit I've been looking for in the sky mall.

Monday, January 29, 2007

A peice of heaven.

Vixens Isle Geisha Village is a peaceful retreat. Great spots for meditation.

I like to lounge around here when I need to think up a new idea. There is a soothing spa with a pavilion filled with soft pillows to lounge with friends or just reflect on the day.

You can even get a taste of the culture and have a nice meal of sushi. Mmm. Salmon, my fav.

There are many buildings in the village, all dedicated to different ways to spend time and all are wonderful to spend time in. I hope you will visit and take relaxing break.

Until next time, this is your traveling shape shifter, cooling her heels in the spa. What, a girls gotta primp ya know!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Now for some games! and perhaps some popcorn.

Vixens Isle has a couple of great spots to race your friends and try out some stunts.

The first of these is Mario Cart racing. You can pick up a hud and a car to drive then head out on the course.

There are blocks to run through and plenty of space to do some sweet turns. There's even a ramp to jump and catch some air.

I am not the best driver so I didn't do as great as some of you drivers might. I'm just out of practice. ^-^ the only thing I'm usually in control of, is myself or my trusty horse. So cars are a bit different to me.

But next I headed to something even more different. If you thought flying around freestyle was fun, try getting behind the wheel of a plane. Vixens has recently added GeeBee racing to the isle.

There is plenty of airspace up where the planes are and you can even buzz the tower if you'd like. I got behind the wheel, but as I am so not the trained pilot I didn't even try it.

I didn't want to crash and end up like this plane.

You can use the plane that's there to try it all out, or buy your own, as there is a store there that sells them.

One of the other fun things to do on the island is catch a movie.

Every Sunday night starting at 9pm sl time Vixens has a movie scheduled. There are plenty of cars and seats to grab, or you can bring your own vehicle ( sounds off please ^-^) There's free popcorn and drinks, of course you can always BYOB. So grab a friend and join us tonight for a film on one of the biggest screens in sl. Just send me an I'm and Ill tp you right in or search Vixens Isle. There is generally a teleport box in the club that will take you right to the movie, or just use the teleporter on the wall.

Tomorrow we will tour the quiet Geisha village, for a nice rest after a day of exciting thrills. So until then, this is your traveling shape shifter signing off.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

On with the tour! Grab your towel and swimwear and follow me.

To Vixens Isle Stargate Beach we head next. Where whales splash and play and you can lounge on the beach near a roaring fire. There are plenty of beach towels out to lounge on and even a raft if you feel like getting a bit closer to those orcas.

Up the hill from the beach is a boardwalk platform.

Here is where we host some of our events that are more suited to the warm sun. ( Even if the island is still covered in snow ^-^) There is a bar where you can grab a drink and some picnic tables to take a load off at.

Personally I like the view from the rail, though the seaguls that have found somones left over pizza are bugging me a bit.

I think Ill move on to the slide.

Whee! taking those turns is great fun at high speed, but the water at the end is Cold! Birr.

Tuesdays and Fridays are the nights we have contests on the beach, but the island is open all day, so head down if you want a quiet place to catch some rays!

Tomorrow we will visit the fun games on the island. So stay tuned for more fun! As always, Your friendly shape shifter signing off ^-^

By the way, there is a stargate at the edge of the beach, so if you want to head there and are near one, just dial up the beach.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I thought I'd take you for a tour of the place I spend the most time.

Vixens Isle...Fun for all ^-^

Ok, so Im a bit partial to the place, but there is just so much to do on this island. So I am going to start you off on a tour around the island. To find Vixens, search for Vixens Isle and you will get a direct teleport to the mall. Which is full of great stores to shop at, lots of which the creators actually work at the club as well. Its almost always one of my first stops if Im looking for something. Where you land when you teleport in is the main hall of the mall. ( Let me tell ya, you can get lost in this mall, its big ^-^) There is a stargate looking circle on the wall which is the island teleporter. ( There are two stargates on the island, one at the beach, and one in the mall itself-but these teleporters that look like stargates are in every area.)

The teleporter in the mall has signs next to it and they are teleporters as well, though they are only for the spot they advertise. You can head to the club from here as well. The club is inside the volcano and features lots of fun things to do. The club hosts contests ( themed) from 5pm sl time to 11pm sl time.

The club and the mall are not all to do on this island though, in fact far from it. Since I don't want to skim through all these spots quickly, Ill only tell you about one of the areas today.

Since last nights contests were held in the Graveyard, I thought I'd start there. The Graveyard is set up around a dancefloor which has a bloody glow if you set your sun to midnight. Above the dance floor the full moon hangs low. To the rear of the dance floor is a fenced tomb with a pool worthy of floating with the dead.

But sometimes a girl just wants to rest her head on a tombstone as she watches the poor soles at the bottom of the pool reach for anything they can get thier hands on. If you would much rather rest in a proper coffin, the open tomb within the fence is there for a quick slumber.

Once you leave the dance floor area, there is a meditation pool of blood and a wonderful resting spot.

On down the path are two tombs.

One is filled with warmth, for those half dead, or just the friends of the dead with a roaring fire. The other is a colder tomb with two very nice coffins to rest in.

Personally I think Ill wait here for the rest of the vampires to awaken from thier slumber.

Untill next time, your friendly shape shifter, signing off.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Feeling tiny.....can be fun!

A friend took me to a place I can only describe as silly fun. Its a room full of Macro furs. ( Now for those who havn't had the chance to see one, they are so tall, most of us are about the size of one of thier fingers) This room is set up like a dorm room and is full of Huge furry folk.

Which can prove dangerous at times, as some of them are bullys and like to squash little critters like us. I kicked this one in the toe and ran like crazy! But then he caught me and while I worried he might squish me still, my fears were unfounded.

Instead he dropped me in a tank with my buddy. We played there for a while, just bieng goofy, untill a Huskey plucked me from the tank, thinking I looked like a tasty snack.

Lucky for me, my buddy managed to get free from the tank in time to bite her on the hand. We explored some more and I found a pencil I was going to try to write a Help us note with, because the mouse hole we found to go out, was actually a trick! It lead to a dragons mouth, so we ran back into the room as fast as we could. The pencil though belonged to yet another one of them,and he tried to catch me.

I ended up dropping the pencil and running ^-^. On the other end of that desk was a Big plate of sushi. I could eat for months on this stuff and never eat it all! ( Though that red dragon at the edge of the desk was eyeing us, so we just jumped up on the window sill instead.)

After having a birds eye view of the place we saw a way back to the door. One of them was distracted by the game she was playing, so we made a run for it, I had to stop and rest a bit on the game console, since it was still a ways to the door.

We finally managed to make it to the door and wiggled under to get out.Ill admit it was fun to visit, but I dont know if Ill go back, there were just so many dangers!

Now heres the deal with finding the place. You will have to Im me, the room is NOT PG and might be somethings some of you dont want to see. The room on its own is neat just to view, but there are many things in there that are not for everyone. Granted you dont have to interact with these things to enjoy the room, but as it is an open place, you might see others interacting.

As always, Your friendly traveling shape shifter is off agian!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Undine Night

This weekend, I had some family time, so I took it.So.....I will post in the morning, after I edit some pics. ^-^

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Search of the Sea Bunny

After a long few days without any adventure and no internet to boot, I felt swimming was needed. I used the ever fun search button and found a few places to swim. One caught my eye as it said there was more to do than just swim. So I checked it out, and they were right, Aquafrolic is definatly a fun spot to swim and more. ( The more is a bit of shopping, and every so often they have an event out there.)

They have a freebie snorkel that lets you explore the deep without feeling like a noob who wandered into the water. In otherwords a more realistic experince. So I picked one up and wandered around under the sea.

First off the dock area, I found a shark and was a little shaken, then I realized he was swimming in circles, and I quit worrying about that silly shark.

Then I found some pretty schools of fish swimming around and sat watching them for a bit.

After that something structural caught my eye and I headed that direction. There was a sunken ship. Not much left, but an obstacle course to swim through non the less. ^-^

So I spent the early evening swimming around in the depths of the water around the beaches of aquafrolic and I hope you'll visit as well.

Grabs her swimsuit* Guess I better hang this up to dry, This is your friendly shape shifter, signing off ^-^

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Alrighty, so how about that weather we've been having?

Well, the last time I blogged, I said I'd be back on the next day. As you can see that didn't happen. I went to log on the next morning and couldn't get a signal worth a flip. Then I couldn't get a signal at all. Muttering and sputtering I called my cable provider, yep outages in my area. No luck until Thursday they said. ( This thursday as in tmmw) But lucky for me, I wasn't the only one complaining apparently, as yesterday they were all over our area. So hip hip hooray, I have service back. And what do I find this morning, yep, SL is down, upgrade day, lol.

So as soon as I can get back in, Ill go exploring.

Your friendly, but not so happy with her service provider, shape shifter signing off. ^-^

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Mmm eye issues. Gotta love them

Sorry about the lack of an actual adventure today *rubs her sore eye* I somehow hurt my eye today, and was unable to visit sl. *Winks and then winces* but I will be back on tmmw and will post in the afternoon ^-^ Take care all.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Not a bad idea to follow this Siren's call

Since I felt like swimming, I decided I'd look for somewhere else than my pond. I found that there are plenty of great places to swim, but one in particular caught my eye. Innisfree is a quiet place to take that someone you love or even just like ^-~

Its full of romantic spots to sit with your honey bunch and just look at the view. The waterways around the area are great for a quick dip, and there are plenty of spots to just relax at the waters edge. If swimming upstream isn't your fav, there is a pool with plenty of rafts and pool toys to splash in.

I enjoyed sitting on the bridge by the waterfall and just imagining the romance that could blossom here. There are picnic blankets, swings and lots of great snuggling spots.

There's even a roman bath, if you feel like soaking while you watch the sun set.

Personally, I think I'll just keep this one in my romance file as a great place to spend Valentines day at.

Hope your enjoying your second life as much as I am mine ^-^ * sneaks off muttering, now where did I leave that map.*