Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Svarga, One build you can't miss

A Friend of mine recently reccomended Svarga as a place to visit, so I took him up on the offer. I was not dissapointed. The island is beautiful on its own and the buildings on it only add to the feel. The whole island revolves around a central tower, but we didn't start there. We started out by hiking up a cobblestone path to an overlook. From there we headed even farther up to the different paths built in the air. As we walked across the path we were on we drew close to the golden dome in the center of the tower. Inside this dome was a table with books on it of the great builds of SL and a few photo albums which were fun to leaf through. After looking at the books we traveled across another path and back down to the ground.

There we found the ruins of an ancient society. As we walked the ruins we found the symbol for the SL community on the walls. I had to change avatars at this point because I was too tall to tour the tunnels. I also felt like changing clothes as my modern attire did not seem fit for touring an ancient civilization. We headed into the tunnels and found an oracle in the center of the tunnels. We spoke with some others who were touring as well and then went into another tunnel, which took us right back out to the plaza above. From there I traveled alone, as my companion had to leave.

I headed down a long path that took me in an arc around that side of the island. When I reached the gate we had entered the island trough, I walked past and down the path leading to the other side of the island. On this half of the island, I found a building that was clearly a more recent, though still historical, build. It was a tudor common house. Inside I found an elven drum set and played with a few others who were touring. Then I headed across the path to the central tower. In the base is a store, that sells a few different buildings you can use as homes as well as a bird feeding system that they use on the island. ( You can pick up bird feed in the plaza of the ruins and feed the birds if you get the chance to see them. I did not see any as I toured, but managed to catch one in a photo I took.)
At the enterance to the tower store, there is an elevator system you can take to a pod in the sky. The ride up is like any other elevator, you sit in a mini pod and take it up into the sky. The place you are going is like no other I have found. The floor has poseballs( hidden, just click to sit and it will place you on one) that lay you flat on your back. You rotate and float on a sea of purple and blue particle spots. You can use mouselook or click your way around the room( using alt) to see the rest of the pod. The top and sides of the pod are of the night sky. You can see little galaxies floating and even catch sight of a comet ( or a shooting star) I could have just laid there for a good while, but there were more people wanting to take a look, so I caught the next mini pod out. This pod takes you back to the ruins into the oracles chamber.

If you don't feel like walking all over the island at first, you can take a guided tour at the teleport hub. Its a little blue pod that takes you for a bird's eye view of the island.

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I hope you will visit Svarga soon, it is a spectacular place to relax and just wander.

As always your traveling shape shifter is off agian!

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