Saturday, December 30, 2006

Caledon is Huge!

I felt like stepping back in time today and couldn't have found a better place to than Caledon. First off, this place is beautiful. I started out in the 1900s London area. ( search for Victorian in All, and it should pop up fairly high on the list.) The exibit is set up for the holidays and will be gone with the new year but I'm positive the area will be as pretty as ever after the exibit is closed.

In this city, the buildings and wares are of the victorian era. You can ride a trolly around the city and see some of the houses on the edge. Two in particular caught my eye, one was a very nice two story flat, and the other was more of a country home.

There was so much to see, I was engrossed and the part I saw, was only the tip of the iceburg of Caledon. I will definatly be exploring the rest of this area in the days to come. I hope you will as well.

The train station itslef is a pretty sight to see.

Off to more adventures, your Friendly Shape Shifter Ekio

Land Prices and My Neigbor

So the land price hike this year in SL has been bad. I understand that whole, if the market supports it speech, but, personally I don't believe it. How in the world are new players supposed to be as creative as possible if they cant afford more than first land. And what about First Land! A. its a rare occurrence now, and when it is available, its snatched up in a hurry buy club owners and casinos using alt accounts. B. the prim usage is so bad, that unless you really know what your doing with building, you waste too many prims. You can build some houses and still have room for more than two pieces of furniture, but a lot of the nice places you cant put up furniture at all.

So you either pay some trumped up price for another 512 next to you to add to your prim usage, and pay the tier fee every month afterwards. Or have to live under a group covenant, which may or may not work out for you. Plus a lot of those group prices are just as high as the mainland prices, only you don't pay tier to ll, you pay it to the group.

So what do you think about the land prices in SL? My neighbor has had some issues with some of the land prices around us. He has put up big signs to alert buyers to the high prices. He is proposing a boycott of land purchase for one month. I'm interested in what you all think. Worth it to fight the system or not?

Friday, December 29, 2006

Giving SL a try...or...Life in a new world

Well, one day I got a notion to try out something I had heard about online and so began my second life. I wasn't really sure about the whole process and to tell the truth, I was getting my poor laptop in way over its head. You see, I had been blogging and surfing the net for a good amount of time, and chat just wasn't doing it for me. I wanted something I could see. So when I got my fresh new laptop, I decided I would look for something more. I found a few different options, but didn't really want something that looked like I was playing on an old gaming system, I wanted a decent looking game. My DH (Hubb will be his tag) played other games and since we had just upgraded to a higher connection, he bought a good online game. I felt it was my turn to find something I liked. So I found SL.

Now when I started out, it wasn't everything I wanted from it. I wasn't challenged, but thankfully I didn't have to fight any sort of Boss, to keep playing. I sat at a very laggy club on a dance pad to earn enough to buy my first avatar. You see, I learned about SL from the furry community, which I had been a part of for quite a while. So my first inclination was to find a good furry avatar, since the freebies were all so cartoony. I tried to modify one of them and ended up with something decent, but ended up buying a flexi tail first off and using a freebie pair of ears. I wore a skin I picked up for free and used one of the body tattoos for the face. It was definitely an interesting look, but not one I'd go back to.

I learned that working my butt off in a camping chair or on a dance pad was just not going to do it for me. So I started to ramble about, and believe me, I didn't even touch a quarter of the map, but I did manage to find some fun places that were not as laggy as my first stop. I learned quickly to make a landmark, because I have lost many a place that I really wanted to get back to. I found some free textures, and started to play with the appearance tools. I managed to make a couple of cute outfits and didn't feel like such a newbie.

Finally after camping forever and making a little extra from some stingy sploader machines, I made enough for my first avatar. I had done my research, though not as much as I thought, since later on I found so many more, and I purchased it. I wore it proudly.

After that it was all about getting good clothing to start winning contests. I found the club I now work at, and started winning a couple. I was hooked.

So now I have progressed passed the first avatar I bought and have become a shape shifter. I have 5 or 6 that I use on average, but even those evolve as I find new items I fall in love with.

So that's my start out in the crazy world of SL. I love to take pictures of the new places I find, or of the fun things that happen, and I will share them all here. So if your looking for something interesting to do, feel free to check back here. I will always ramble and be happy to share what I've found. Also, I will share the madness of land ownership, starting an sl business, and club life.

If you've read this far, You are a trooper! Most posts won't be this long, unless I really need to get something off my chest, or find a place thats really noteworthy.

Live, Love, LOL, and always Have Fun!