Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Places to take your or sometime soon ^-^

Being Valentines Day and all, I thought a few special places to take your sweetie

First off, Seagrape is a romantic place to take somone you love and have a special area all to your self. There are themed areas that once two people walk in, a little sign and velvet rope pops up saying that the area is occupied. Each area is themed differently and all very relaxing. There is a chapel to have a wedding at, and the area also hosted the Slurgis festival recently.

Second on my list is some peaceful time in a quaint french village. Intemptseta Nox is absolutly the spot for this. Its built by some of the same people who built Svarga and is chock full of textures to make your eyes pop, in a good way. Weither your sitting at a table chatting or romantically dancing in the fountian. This is a great spot to propose or just spend some time with somone special. ( By the way, not too far up the hill, they are finishing the Paris Opera House. The area is based off the small villiage in The Phantom of the Opera. ) I will definatly be spending some serious time searching this place.

And last on my list but not least, is a little italian cafe. I looked up Italy in the serch tab and found out that there was a little shopping to be found. Also in the area was a quaint cafe and so I sat a while. Though I could not get my Babbler to work for me, so I could not understand what was said around me, but I had a good time none the less.

I know there are many, many more romantic spots out there, but I coudn't list them all here. I wish you all a Happy Valentines Day. As for me, Ill be spending some quality time with a special someone ^-~.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Taking time out to Doodle.

While the update was being applied, I wandered around some of the popular places of sl through others..and I found a place that caught my eye. The Doodle House. So you know just what I did when I logged back on, I hit that ever popular search button.

When I arrived I found myself in a quaint little neighborhood. Cute little homes every where and very nice clean streets. I spotted a pavilion and snagged a seat so I could get a quick look around the area that surrounded the doodle house.

Just outside the pavilion was a car that looked like it had just hopped off the page, so I headed over. It was a sample of the Doodle Car, so I rezzed a trial car and took it for a drive. I have to say, it was one of the smoothest rides I've had in sl so far. It was fun, you hop in and in the window of the doodle car, a doodle of a driver pops into the window. ^-^

Just across the way was a memorial, so I headed over to it. They seem to be very concious in this area, as there were two memorials that I found.

I also found a soccer field, though, I didn't play -_- no one to play with.

Then I headed back to the spot I'd teleported in to and used the red box to teleport up to the Doodle House. The Doodle house looks like someone sat down and drew a home on a doodle pad.

Everything is as flat as paper but still very fun. The only things here that are 3D are the some of the furniture pieces. That way you can sit in front of the black and white fire. ^-^

You can go out the front door and into the front yard, but I don't recommend walking far as the Doodle House is way up in the air. There is a bit of color out on the lawn as the bushes in front are green. ( Not sure why, but it seemed at the time, that pouncing the mail box....was the fun thing to do. lol)

So, if you feel like it, drop by the Doodle House, perhaps it will inspire a doodle of your very own. ^-^ Now where did I put that pen and paper?