Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Birthday Party

One of the sweetest guys I know gave me a very special gift for my birthday Thursday. He built me my very own club!

It was just for my birthday party, but it was really cool. He went with my favorite colors and a very modern theme. He also took the time to do a really neat mirror floor effect.

I helped with the shopping for the party, but he didn't let me see the club until it was finished. So when I arrived all I had to do was set up the cake ^-^ ( which was chocolate by the way) We had a fully interactive bar with snacks and drinks.

We invited our friends lists ( we have alot of the same friends since its mostly the group from the club we work at) and just hung out dancing and listening to some good music. He's picked up dj'ing lately and so he streamed some of my favs for the party.

When it was almost time to head to work at the club I blew out my candles and they sang happy birthday to me. ( lol cheesy I know, but fun) I was a very happy birthday girl. I loved the place so much, I'm thinking of finding some land and setting it up full time!

Oh and I won't divulge the secret of the very cool mirror floor, but Ill let you guess and if you get it right......then hip hip hooray! ^-~
Well, this is me, feeling a bit older now, and full of ideas. So I guess my exploring today will be for a new plot of land! ^-^

Friday, March 9, 2007

A series on Avatars, part one..

Lets start out in what I know best, Furry.

With Lost Furest Creatures reopening its doors with a new look I thought now was as good a time as any to start talking about avatars. If avatar looks was a college class, I'd have at least an associates by now. =^-^=So I figured I'd share my knowledge a bit.

Since I mentioned them first lets start off at Lost, They are not hard to find, you can look up Lost Furest in Search and you will get there no problems, but if your a quick fix like me heres the SLURL.
They have a good array of avatars to choose from, all very well put together. You can choose from mammals, canines both wild and domestic, felines, hybrids and recently added a tribal wolf. They have added new designers to thier line and have great selection. I have three of thier avatars and wear them often. All thier avatars are personal mod, so you can change as you like. And if you lose something in an inventory glitch, as long as you have the origional box, you can replace the whole avatar in a click.

Next up is the first maker in SL Luskwood, They also have quite the selection. Thier prices are varried from avatar to avatar style, which personally I do and don't like. I have three from this seller as well. They have a good eye for detail and some creatures that are unique to thier vendors alone.

Luskwood in general is a good place to explore and relax as they host events on thier main platform and around the area. They have a great sense of community and are very welcoming.

Ninja Weasel Studios is another maker of furry avatars. They have some of the species that are harder to find, such as otters, hedgehogs, and hyenas. They also have some of the mythical creatures, such as gargoyles and unicorns. I don't actually have any of thier avatars, but from those I've seen in them, they look to be well put together.

The Zoo by Brandi is another maker of harder to find furry avatars, she carries deer, lemurs and many other hard to find but great looking avatars.

Then you get into the more realistic furry forms, closer to your werewolves than what most consider furry. This is what the Werehouse specializes in. They have weres of every color, as well as anthro foxes, tigers and bears, oh my! You can also get a very well put together feral ( meaning good old scampering through the forrest on all fours typical ) animal, of wich I have one. Its my only avatar from this maker, and I like it for when I want to scout an are unnoticed. You can also get some interesting hybrids here.

One place I miss and I know others do too, is an area we lost in sl with the copybot issue. There was a maker there that had some of the most interesting furry avatars I've seen. They were of the elements mixed with a furry. I only wish I hadn't been short of lindens the day I found them.

There are many different makers out there of Furry avatars, so if your interested or looking for one, try typing furry avatars in search and watch the list it pulls up. There are macro furs, and avatars that look like stuffed animals, tinys and some wild and wooly ones out there. And thats just the furrys!

Next time I'll move from furry to neko, One of my other favorite forms =^-^=