Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Birthday Party

One of the sweetest guys I know gave me a very special gift for my birthday Thursday. He built me my very own club!

It was just for my birthday party, but it was really cool. He went with my favorite colors and a very modern theme. He also took the time to do a really neat mirror floor effect.

I helped with the shopping for the party, but he didn't let me see the club until it was finished. So when I arrived all I had to do was set up the cake ^-^ ( which was chocolate by the way) We had a fully interactive bar with snacks and drinks.

We invited our friends lists ( we have alot of the same friends since its mostly the group from the club we work at) and just hung out dancing and listening to some good music. He's picked up dj'ing lately and so he streamed some of my favs for the party.

When it was almost time to head to work at the club I blew out my candles and they sang happy birthday to me. ( lol cheesy I know, but fun) I was a very happy birthday girl. I loved the place so much, I'm thinking of finding some land and setting it up full time!

Oh and I won't divulge the secret of the very cool mirror floor, but Ill let you guess and if you get it right......then hip hip hooray! ^-~
Well, this is me, feeling a bit older now, and full of ideas. So I guess my exploring today will be for a new plot of land! ^-^


Anonymous said...

*gasp* Don't give away the secret!!!

Ekio Locatiare said...

I see you sneaky! ^-~

Ana Lutetia said...


The floor is really amazing! :)