Monday, December 10, 2007

Staying Warm!

Freebie time!

I sent out that cute little scarf I made to you all, in two colors no less ^-^. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

RL has taken me over lately and with the gift giving holiday here in a flash, I've been working my hardest to get my homemade gifts finished. Whew...still not done.

Plus the line has taken a different direction. Nearly whole avatar creation going on around here. 0-o. Which means making things perfect for you all.

Have a Happy Holiday!

Oh and don't forget to snag that gift out of the archives (If your IM's get capped as often as mine do!)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Working on the Shop

So for a bit now I've been working on the clothes for the shop and now I'm working with a friend on the shop. Were working out the layout and textures like crazy people.

As for the clothes, I am still testing seams and patterns out. It's amazing to me how much a texture changes on the grid. The theme of the clothes I've been working on trends toward steampunk. Though not just the grungy look, some of the very elegant Victorian styles. Most of the outfits will be almost a full avy. I'm working on sculpties and even hair! Yep hair. But not just random styles, each hair will go with an outfit. Though the hair is giving me fits, so if it keeps pushing my reopening back I will put the outfits out sans hair and update for free as soon as I get the hair finished.

Thanks to those who have been sticking with me. I really appreciate your patience. Rl crazies and sl troubles have slowed up progress, but I'm still working. Thanks so much!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Scarf preview!

I finished a scarf in world that I didn't hate ^-^ So I'm posting it here. This isn't the exact finished product as the little sculptie flowers will have a better texture and the ad shot won't be as gray......

But heres what they look like! I plan on making a good set of colors and textures so you can match all those fab fall clothes!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fall line......and being a busy bee

Still working on the new fall line. Got lots and lots going on recently, so things have slowed down a bit for me in the photoshop area. *laughs*

I've gotten more inspired to make jewelry lately, in rl by the way, so I've been making some cute cuff style bracelets. I'm thinking I might make a few of them in world too!

And then I'm going to make some tall boots and probably some cute scarves for fall.

What ever I make it'll be out soon along with a brand new location for the store. The orig location will stay, but we'll have a new main location!

P.S. Looking into one of those group notification thingys that have popped up recently, so you don't actually have to keep a group spot open for us! I'm soooooo happy they came out with these. Makes my life alot easier! plus no more spam in im!

Monday, August 20, 2007

La La La follow me down the rabbit hole

Follow me........................................... to here

Kai Thnx!

Thursday, August 16, 2007


Building and I haven't been getting along lately. I could whip up some new skirts in two min. but have no interest in doing so. I started some new shoes and my hands got mad at me. (I have some arthritis problems, le sigh, at mid 20's) So that put an end to that. I thought I might be able to work on them some more Wed but when I started my hands started acting up again. I thought maybe starting something in photo-shop would be possible but again that was a no go. So as soon as my hands stop spazzing I'll be back to working on some cute new strappy heels and a couple of pants outfits I have in the works. ^-~

Friday, August 10, 2007

New sign for the shop

With the issues lately I haven't been able to work on anything in world. I've been working on tops and textures in photoshop like crazy but unable to torture prims the past few days.

The other day I made a new sign for the shop. I felt like the other one was just a bit hard to read. To much to look at. I also felt like going with an art deco theme. ^-^

Friday, July 27, 2007

New items at Poor Lil Rich Girl!

So I've been putting my nose to the grindstone the past lil bit and cranking out some new items.

Heres the list.

A group of tattoos. Like I said what comes out is what tickles my fancy on a certain day and recently I've been watching Miami Ink!

So out came some tats.

I've got a ton more in the processing stage in photoshop so it wont be but a few days till they come out as well. Vintage navy style tats, some cute pin ups and some tribal ink.

Been working on some cute slip on shoes lately, as soon as I get them tweaked to my liking Ill set them up as well.

Theres also a new item in the lucky chair.

Its only found there so stop by and pick it up. If you like funny shirts and cute skirts then you'll love it!

Off to create some more fun items! Oh and if your in the mood for a movie, weve got some in stock. They are movies that we've watched and would like to share at a discount price from what we bought them in store. They are all newer movies so they all still work great.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Shift in Focus.

Well if you've stopped by the Oval at any point in the last week or so you've noticed its no longer there. I shifted my focus in game and started making things again. The gallery was becoming a burden as I was paying all sorts of $L for a spot of land that wasn't getting visited. It became too easy to set up a gallery in sl * more that people realized it* and no one was renting gallery space anymore. And its hard to buy art if you don't have a place to put it, and since most of my traffic came from a welcome area.....I didn't have many sales. So as I felt I wasn't doing anyone any services in game, I decided I'd sell some of the items I lovingly created and got so many compliments on. So Poor Lil Rich Girl was born.

Figured I'd share the wealth.So first out on the shelves were some skirt sets I'd made with the intention of just a day out shopping. Not short, not formal long, just an easy and cute outfit to wear out.

I made a set of silks that are a bit more formal than most. In other words not threadbare scraps of cloth. Something you can wear and not feel nude in but still show a little leg. ^-~

Then I went out on a limb and made a pair of shoes! Boots that can be worn with jeans or skirts. Strappy and with a little bling. ( and no not script. I dislike flashing!)

After the boots I felt a little overstretched so I made a few sets of bangles. Two sets of just cute wear every day sets

And one for those parties in clubs where you want to stand out!

They work well for raves too. They glow! Again no scripting, I think that the light effect works quiet nicely, I've been creating my own personal rave where ever i go. he he.

The front of the store is filled with items I've picked up along my travels, mostly clothing. I also have a lucky chair and a freebie section. And its those items that all the other newly sprouted stores are selling that they got for free in a business box kit. 0-o I'm not one to cheat someone who's new to the game, just not my style. There are some items that I've picked up that are a one time freebie.

I'm off to work on something new. It'll be what ever strikes my fancy. In otherwords, if I'm feeling neko, perhaps my next release will be some cute ears and tails!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Pony Tails

I found out recently that my favorite maker of ridable horses was making an avy. So now I can be a pony ^-^

The release party was a blast with special dances made just for all the little hoofers and the Dj was spinning some great tunes. There were races for the ponies and we all had a blast.

The avys take a look.

I think they are great. Of course I love the detail that Erin puts into these horses. She amazes me every time she puts out a new style and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next. So when I heard about the avy, I had to have one. *Sorry folks the linden server for the web site has an issue right now and I can't find the SLURL for her store, but I'll get it up here as soon as I can get in grid.*

So now I can go nosing around the grid like a curious little pony should. MMmmm Someone left a carrot in this basket.......

Thursday, May 31, 2007

*Smiles* Yes I'm still alive.

Sorry if you have been waiting for me to post again. Life has been a mess here. May is always a hectic month and this year it was even busier than normal. So as to if this blog will be back to updating every day....I'm sorry to say no. I Plan on updating once a week. That will give me time to take some good shots, edit them, find the SLURL if it's not in the main sites database, and think of something more to say than...uh this place is pretty. He He. I plan on still continuing my series on avatars, the next in line being neko's. I am also going to touch on some subjects of interest in different communities as I travel. But as I said, it will switch to once a week. I'm going to try to set one day a week that is steady so that you know when to expect something from me.

As the grid changes from time to time, I may touch back on an area thats added something special, or vanished. I will also update some of my older blogs with SLURL's as I find them. *Yesh I'm bad about forgetting what landmark was for what, lol*

Thanks for reading!

*PS. Thats inside my house ^-^*

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Its been a while, but art keeps a girl busy

And what better to share with you all than some art in SL. Oyster Bay is hosting an event that brings a new piece or two every day. They have an artist who is creating art and replacing it with a new piece at midnight sl time every day. So hop by to see what goes up.

From the classic

To the modern

From the moving

To the prehistoric ( and I hope not moving! I mean look at those teeth!)

So drop by Oyster Bay to see these great pieces of art before they are gone, Which means once a day for the next week and a half folks! ( 14 days of this, not sure when they started, but I'm guessing Monday)

Do it! Or this dino might have a breakdown! ^-~

As for me, I'm off to create some more art of my own! ^-^ Oh yeah, heres the SLURL.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Hope Your Easter was as Wild and Crazy as Mine was! ^-~

Saturday, March 24, 2007

My Birthday Party

One of the sweetest guys I know gave me a very special gift for my birthday Thursday. He built me my very own club!

It was just for my birthday party, but it was really cool. He went with my favorite colors and a very modern theme. He also took the time to do a really neat mirror floor effect.

I helped with the shopping for the party, but he didn't let me see the club until it was finished. So when I arrived all I had to do was set up the cake ^-^ ( which was chocolate by the way) We had a fully interactive bar with snacks and drinks.

We invited our friends lists ( we have alot of the same friends since its mostly the group from the club we work at) and just hung out dancing and listening to some good music. He's picked up dj'ing lately and so he streamed some of my favs for the party.

When it was almost time to head to work at the club I blew out my candles and they sang happy birthday to me. ( lol cheesy I know, but fun) I was a very happy birthday girl. I loved the place so much, I'm thinking of finding some land and setting it up full time!

Oh and I won't divulge the secret of the very cool mirror floor, but Ill let you guess and if you get it right......then hip hip hooray! ^-~
Well, this is me, feeling a bit older now, and full of ideas. So I guess my exploring today will be for a new plot of land! ^-^

Friday, March 9, 2007

A series on Avatars, part one..

Lets start out in what I know best, Furry.

With Lost Furest Creatures reopening its doors with a new look I thought now was as good a time as any to start talking about avatars. If avatar looks was a college class, I'd have at least an associates by now. =^-^=So I figured I'd share my knowledge a bit.

Since I mentioned them first lets start off at Lost, They are not hard to find, you can look up Lost Furest in Search and you will get there no problems, but if your a quick fix like me heres the SLURL.
They have a good array of avatars to choose from, all very well put together. You can choose from mammals, canines both wild and domestic, felines, hybrids and recently added a tribal wolf. They have added new designers to thier line and have great selection. I have three of thier avatars and wear them often. All thier avatars are personal mod, so you can change as you like. And if you lose something in an inventory glitch, as long as you have the origional box, you can replace the whole avatar in a click.

Next up is the first maker in SL Luskwood, They also have quite the selection. Thier prices are varried from avatar to avatar style, which personally I do and don't like. I have three from this seller as well. They have a good eye for detail and some creatures that are unique to thier vendors alone.

Luskwood in general is a good place to explore and relax as they host events on thier main platform and around the area. They have a great sense of community and are very welcoming.

Ninja Weasel Studios is another maker of furry avatars. They have some of the species that are harder to find, such as otters, hedgehogs, and hyenas. They also have some of the mythical creatures, such as gargoyles and unicorns. I don't actually have any of thier avatars, but from those I've seen in them, they look to be well put together.

The Zoo by Brandi is another maker of harder to find furry avatars, she carries deer, lemurs and many other hard to find but great looking avatars.

Then you get into the more realistic furry forms, closer to your werewolves than what most consider furry. This is what the Werehouse specializes in. They have weres of every color, as well as anthro foxes, tigers and bears, oh my! You can also get a very well put together feral ( meaning good old scampering through the forrest on all fours typical ) animal, of wich I have one. Its my only avatar from this maker, and I like it for when I want to scout an are unnoticed. You can also get some interesting hybrids here.

One place I miss and I know others do too, is an area we lost in sl with the copybot issue. There was a maker there that had some of the most interesting furry avatars I've seen. They were of the elements mixed with a furry. I only wish I hadn't been short of lindens the day I found them.

There are many different makers out there of Furry avatars, so if your interested or looking for one, try typing furry avatars in search and watch the list it pulls up. There are macro furs, and avatars that look like stuffed animals, tinys and some wild and wooly ones out there. And thats just the furrys!

Next time I'll move from furry to neko, One of my other favorite forms =^-^=

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Places to take your or sometime soon ^-^

Being Valentines Day and all, I thought a few special places to take your sweetie

First off, Seagrape is a romantic place to take somone you love and have a special area all to your self. There are themed areas that once two people walk in, a little sign and velvet rope pops up saying that the area is occupied. Each area is themed differently and all very relaxing. There is a chapel to have a wedding at, and the area also hosted the Slurgis festival recently.

Second on my list is some peaceful time in a quaint french village. Intemptseta Nox is absolutly the spot for this. Its built by some of the same people who built Svarga and is chock full of textures to make your eyes pop, in a good way. Weither your sitting at a table chatting or romantically dancing in the fountian. This is a great spot to propose or just spend some time with somone special. ( By the way, not too far up the hill, they are finishing the Paris Opera House. The area is based off the small villiage in The Phantom of the Opera. ) I will definatly be spending some serious time searching this place.

And last on my list but not least, is a little italian cafe. I looked up Italy in the serch tab and found out that there was a little shopping to be found. Also in the area was a quaint cafe and so I sat a while. Though I could not get my Babbler to work for me, so I could not understand what was said around me, but I had a good time none the less.

I know there are many, many more romantic spots out there, but I coudn't list them all here. I wish you all a Happy Valentines Day. As for me, Ill be spending some quality time with a special someone ^-~.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Taking time out to Doodle.

While the update was being applied, I wandered around some of the popular places of sl through others..and I found a place that caught my eye. The Doodle House. So you know just what I did when I logged back on, I hit that ever popular search button.

When I arrived I found myself in a quaint little neighborhood. Cute little homes every where and very nice clean streets. I spotted a pavilion and snagged a seat so I could get a quick look around the area that surrounded the doodle house.

Just outside the pavilion was a car that looked like it had just hopped off the page, so I headed over. It was a sample of the Doodle Car, so I rezzed a trial car and took it for a drive. I have to say, it was one of the smoothest rides I've had in sl so far. It was fun, you hop in and in the window of the doodle car, a doodle of a driver pops into the window. ^-^

Just across the way was a memorial, so I headed over to it. They seem to be very concious in this area, as there were two memorials that I found.

I also found a soccer field, though, I didn't play -_- no one to play with.

Then I headed back to the spot I'd teleported in to and used the red box to teleport up to the Doodle House. The Doodle house looks like someone sat down and drew a home on a doodle pad.

Everything is as flat as paper but still very fun. The only things here that are 3D are the some of the furniture pieces. That way you can sit in front of the black and white fire. ^-^

You can go out the front door and into the front yard, but I don't recommend walking far as the Doodle House is way up in the air. There is a bit of color out on the lawn as the bushes in front are green. ( Not sure why, but it seemed at the time, that pouncing the mail box....was the fun thing to do. lol)

So, if you feel like it, drop by the Doodle House, perhaps it will inspire a doodle of your very own. ^-^ Now where did I put that pen and paper?

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

And now for the extras of the island.

Well today I thought I'd take you to some of the more intimate spots of Vixens Isle. There are hideways to take your sweetheart and great spots to just relax with somone you like as well.

First off there is the Amazon Hideway. Where you can relax jungle style for a while with somone sweet, or all by yourself if you feel like it.

Next we have the Bunny Showers a great spa in the sky to take the avatar of your love life.

And last on our tour is the Mountian retreat where you can sit in the peace of the mountian, or swim in the pools at the base of the waterfall. you can even take a dive off the top pool to the bottom pool. ( Unfortunatly, no matter how hard I tried, I couldnt get a picture of me diving. Its still a fun animation though ^-^)

There are other spots on the island to visit, but you will just have to stop by to see them. ^-~

Hope to see you on the island! Now off to find that certian outfit I've been looking for in the sky mall.