Friday, July 27, 2007

New items at Poor Lil Rich Girl!

So I've been putting my nose to the grindstone the past lil bit and cranking out some new items.

Heres the list.

A group of tattoos. Like I said what comes out is what tickles my fancy on a certain day and recently I've been watching Miami Ink!

So out came some tats.

I've got a ton more in the processing stage in photoshop so it wont be but a few days till they come out as well. Vintage navy style tats, some cute pin ups and some tribal ink.

Been working on some cute slip on shoes lately, as soon as I get them tweaked to my liking Ill set them up as well.

Theres also a new item in the lucky chair.

Its only found there so stop by and pick it up. If you like funny shirts and cute skirts then you'll love it!

Off to create some more fun items! Oh and if your in the mood for a movie, weve got some in stock. They are movies that we've watched and would like to share at a discount price from what we bought them in store. They are all newer movies so they all still work great.

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