Friday, September 14, 2007

Fall line......and being a busy bee

Still working on the new fall line. Got lots and lots going on recently, so things have slowed down a bit for me in the photoshop area. *laughs*

I've gotten more inspired to make jewelry lately, in rl by the way, so I've been making some cute cuff style bracelets. I'm thinking I might make a few of them in world too!

And then I'm going to make some tall boots and probably some cute scarves for fall.

What ever I make it'll be out soon along with a brand new location for the store. The orig location will stay, but we'll have a new main location!

P.S. Looking into one of those group notification thingys that have popped up recently, so you don't actually have to keep a group spot open for us! I'm soooooo happy they came out with these. Makes my life alot easier! plus no more spam in im!


Anonymous said...

woo! new stuff, new location! Go Ekio. Go Ekio.

*shakes his tail*

Ekio Locatiare said...

*laughs* I'm tryin!