Thursday, November 8, 2007

Working on the Shop

So for a bit now I've been working on the clothes for the shop and now I'm working with a friend on the shop. Were working out the layout and textures like crazy people.

As for the clothes, I am still testing seams and patterns out. It's amazing to me how much a texture changes on the grid. The theme of the clothes I've been working on trends toward steampunk. Though not just the grungy look, some of the very elegant Victorian styles. Most of the outfits will be almost a full avy. I'm working on sculpties and even hair! Yep hair. But not just random styles, each hair will go with an outfit. Though the hair is giving me fits, so if it keeps pushing my reopening back I will put the outfits out sans hair and update for free as soon as I get the hair finished.

Thanks to those who have been sticking with me. I really appreciate your patience. Rl crazies and sl troubles have slowed up progress, but I'm still working. Thanks so much!

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