Saturday, December 30, 2006

Land Prices and My Neigbor

So the land price hike this year in SL has been bad. I understand that whole, if the market supports it speech, but, personally I don't believe it. How in the world are new players supposed to be as creative as possible if they cant afford more than first land. And what about First Land! A. its a rare occurrence now, and when it is available, its snatched up in a hurry buy club owners and casinos using alt accounts. B. the prim usage is so bad, that unless you really know what your doing with building, you waste too many prims. You can build some houses and still have room for more than two pieces of furniture, but a lot of the nice places you cant put up furniture at all.

So you either pay some trumped up price for another 512 next to you to add to your prim usage, and pay the tier fee every month afterwards. Or have to live under a group covenant, which may or may not work out for you. Plus a lot of those group prices are just as high as the mainland prices, only you don't pay tier to ll, you pay it to the group.

So what do you think about the land prices in SL? My neighbor has had some issues with some of the land prices around us. He has put up big signs to alert buyers to the high prices. He is proposing a boycott of land purchase for one month. I'm interested in what you all think. Worth it to fight the system or not?

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Ekio Locatiare said...

Oh and in addition to this post, I would like to note that the neighbor I was speaking of has since sold all his land to one of the many real estate groups. Not entirely sure how much he sold it for, or what exactly happened. All I know is its all back up for sale, by the person who had it all after I bought my land. Yet another who keeps prices high. *shakes her head* I still cant see paying 9995 for a 512 plot.