Saturday, December 30, 2006

Caledon is Huge!

I felt like stepping back in time today and couldn't have found a better place to than Caledon. First off, this place is beautiful. I started out in the 1900s London area. ( search for Victorian in All, and it should pop up fairly high on the list.) The exibit is set up for the holidays and will be gone with the new year but I'm positive the area will be as pretty as ever after the exibit is closed.

In this city, the buildings and wares are of the victorian era. You can ride a trolly around the city and see some of the houses on the edge. Two in particular caught my eye, one was a very nice two story flat, and the other was more of a country home.

There was so much to see, I was engrossed and the part I saw, was only the tip of the iceburg of Caledon. I will definatly be exploring the rest of this area in the days to come. I hope you will as well.

The train station itslef is a pretty sight to see.

Off to more adventures, your Friendly Shape Shifter Ekio

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