Monday, January 22, 2007

Feeling tiny.....can be fun!

A friend took me to a place I can only describe as silly fun. Its a room full of Macro furs. ( Now for those who havn't had the chance to see one, they are so tall, most of us are about the size of one of thier fingers) This room is set up like a dorm room and is full of Huge furry folk.

Which can prove dangerous at times, as some of them are bullys and like to squash little critters like us. I kicked this one in the toe and ran like crazy! But then he caught me and while I worried he might squish me still, my fears were unfounded.

Instead he dropped me in a tank with my buddy. We played there for a while, just bieng goofy, untill a Huskey plucked me from the tank, thinking I looked like a tasty snack.

Lucky for me, my buddy managed to get free from the tank in time to bite her on the hand. We explored some more and I found a pencil I was going to try to write a Help us note with, because the mouse hole we found to go out, was actually a trick! It lead to a dragons mouth, so we ran back into the room as fast as we could. The pencil though belonged to yet another one of them,and he tried to catch me.

I ended up dropping the pencil and running ^-^. On the other end of that desk was a Big plate of sushi. I could eat for months on this stuff and never eat it all! ( Though that red dragon at the edge of the desk was eyeing us, so we just jumped up on the window sill instead.)

After having a birds eye view of the place we saw a way back to the door. One of them was distracted by the game she was playing, so we made a run for it, I had to stop and rest a bit on the game console, since it was still a ways to the door.

We finally managed to make it to the door and wiggled under to get out.Ill admit it was fun to visit, but I dont know if Ill go back, there were just so many dangers!

Now heres the deal with finding the place. You will have to Im me, the room is NOT PG and might be somethings some of you dont want to see. The room on its own is neat just to view, but there are many things in there that are not for everyone. Granted you dont have to interact with these things to enjoy the room, but as it is an open place, you might see others interacting.

As always, Your friendly traveling shape shifter is off agian!


Anonymous said...

Hey can you maybe tell/show me where it is sometime? My SL name is Dana Wozniak

Michael said...

i'd also love to know where it is, my SL name is Michaels Toshi

jeff said...

Hey, do you think you could show me the room sometime

The name is
Shiro Furse