Saturday, January 13, 2007

Not a bad idea to follow this Siren's call

Since I felt like swimming, I decided I'd look for somewhere else than my pond. I found that there are plenty of great places to swim, but one in particular caught my eye. Innisfree is a quiet place to take that someone you love or even just like ^-~

Its full of romantic spots to sit with your honey bunch and just look at the view. The waterways around the area are great for a quick dip, and there are plenty of spots to just relax at the waters edge. If swimming upstream isn't your fav, there is a pool with plenty of rafts and pool toys to splash in.

I enjoyed sitting on the bridge by the waterfall and just imagining the romance that could blossom here. There are picnic blankets, swings and lots of great snuggling spots.

There's even a roman bath, if you feel like soaking while you watch the sun set.

Personally, I think I'll just keep this one in my romance file as a great place to spend Valentines day at.

Hope your enjoying your second life as much as I am mine ^-^ * sneaks off muttering, now where did I leave that map.*

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SLNatalia said...

Oh no! Not you too, Ekio! :P

Most of my mermaid friends became Deep Water Sirens like you :) All diff colors! They invited me to a gathering once and all I could see are flexi fins! :P What's a normal mermaid going to do... :)