Saturday, January 27, 2007

On with the tour! Grab your towel and swimwear and follow me.

To Vixens Isle Stargate Beach we head next. Where whales splash and play and you can lounge on the beach near a roaring fire. There are plenty of beach towels out to lounge on and even a raft if you feel like getting a bit closer to those orcas.

Up the hill from the beach is a boardwalk platform.

Here is where we host some of our events that are more suited to the warm sun. ( Even if the island is still covered in snow ^-^) There is a bar where you can grab a drink and some picnic tables to take a load off at.

Personally I like the view from the rail, though the seaguls that have found somones left over pizza are bugging me a bit.

I think Ill move on to the slide.

Whee! taking those turns is great fun at high speed, but the water at the end is Cold! Birr.

Tuesdays and Fridays are the nights we have contests on the beach, but the island is open all day, so head down if you want a quiet place to catch some rays!

Tomorrow we will visit the fun games on the island. So stay tuned for more fun! As always, Your friendly shape shifter signing off ^-^

By the way, there is a stargate at the edge of the beach, so if you want to head there and are near one, just dial up the beach.


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*smiles* hope you will drop by sometime. Its a really fun place to be. Thanks for stopping by my blog ^-^