Friday, January 26, 2007

I thought I'd take you for a tour of the place I spend the most time.

Vixens Isle...Fun for all ^-^

Ok, so Im a bit partial to the place, but there is just so much to do on this island. So I am going to start you off on a tour around the island. To find Vixens, search for Vixens Isle and you will get a direct teleport to the mall. Which is full of great stores to shop at, lots of which the creators actually work at the club as well. Its almost always one of my first stops if Im looking for something. Where you land when you teleport in is the main hall of the mall. ( Let me tell ya, you can get lost in this mall, its big ^-^) There is a stargate looking circle on the wall which is the island teleporter. ( There are two stargates on the island, one at the beach, and one in the mall itself-but these teleporters that look like stargates are in every area.)

The teleporter in the mall has signs next to it and they are teleporters as well, though they are only for the spot they advertise. You can head to the club from here as well. The club is inside the volcano and features lots of fun things to do. The club hosts contests ( themed) from 5pm sl time to 11pm sl time.

The club and the mall are not all to do on this island though, in fact far from it. Since I don't want to skim through all these spots quickly, Ill only tell you about one of the areas today.

Since last nights contests were held in the Graveyard, I thought I'd start there. The Graveyard is set up around a dancefloor which has a bloody glow if you set your sun to midnight. Above the dance floor the full moon hangs low. To the rear of the dance floor is a fenced tomb with a pool worthy of floating with the dead.

But sometimes a girl just wants to rest her head on a tombstone as she watches the poor soles at the bottom of the pool reach for anything they can get thier hands on. If you would much rather rest in a proper coffin, the open tomb within the fence is there for a quick slumber.

Once you leave the dance floor area, there is a meditation pool of blood and a wonderful resting spot.

On down the path are two tombs.

One is filled with warmth, for those half dead, or just the friends of the dead with a roaring fire. The other is a colder tomb with two very nice coffins to rest in.

Personally I think Ill wait here for the rest of the vampires to awaken from thier slumber.

Untill next time, your friendly shape shifter, signing off.

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