Monday, January 29, 2007

A peice of heaven.

Vixens Isle Geisha Village is a peaceful retreat. Great spots for meditation.

I like to lounge around here when I need to think up a new idea. There is a soothing spa with a pavilion filled with soft pillows to lounge with friends or just reflect on the day.

You can even get a taste of the culture and have a nice meal of sushi. Mmm. Salmon, my fav.

There are many buildings in the village, all dedicated to different ways to spend time and all are wonderful to spend time in. I hope you will visit and take relaxing break.

Until next time, this is your traveling shape shifter, cooling her heels in the spa. What, a girls gotta primp ya know!

1 comment:

Ana Lutetia said...

This place looks nice! (going to find it)