Friday, January 12, 2007

Houston..we have a neko in space.....

Well I headed into space and caused some trouble. I think I may have rearranged a star pattern, Just kidding ^-^

I got to take a shuttle into space at the International Space Museum and I loved it.

I really did have fun exploring the depths of space. I've never really been all that interested in it all, but it was fun to see all the shuttles and planets. ( or non planets- they do have Pluto ^-^) You can travel from planet to planet in space or stay feet firmly on the ground and have a good time either way. Though I have to say, the view from the platforms did leave me breathless for a min.

On the ground you can see what its like to sit in the cockpit of a shuttle ( actually they have a few different ones so you can see what the differnt types of shuttles are like. You can also watch live NASA tv.

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Oh yes, and if you happen to be afraid of heights like I am, the platforms have invisable rails along the sides, so don't be afraid to get close to the edge, I just don't recommend trying to sit on any of the planets, they are not on the cant fall from list. ^-~ ( I didn't fall from one, I just know they are not on thier own little platforms nor do they have gaurdrails. Though If you do fall, no worries, youll just land somwhere on the grounds of the area.)

So take in some space and I'll catch you on the far side of the moon ^-^

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