Sunday, January 28, 2007

Now for some games! and perhaps some popcorn.

Vixens Isle has a couple of great spots to race your friends and try out some stunts.

The first of these is Mario Cart racing. You can pick up a hud and a car to drive then head out on the course.

There are blocks to run through and plenty of space to do some sweet turns. There's even a ramp to jump and catch some air.

I am not the best driver so I didn't do as great as some of you drivers might. I'm just out of practice. ^-^ the only thing I'm usually in control of, is myself or my trusty horse. So cars are a bit different to me.

But next I headed to something even more different. If you thought flying around freestyle was fun, try getting behind the wheel of a plane. Vixens has recently added GeeBee racing to the isle.

There is plenty of airspace up where the planes are and you can even buzz the tower if you'd like. I got behind the wheel, but as I am so not the trained pilot I didn't even try it.

I didn't want to crash and end up like this plane.

You can use the plane that's there to try it all out, or buy your own, as there is a store there that sells them.

One of the other fun things to do on the island is catch a movie.

Every Sunday night starting at 9pm sl time Vixens has a movie scheduled. There are plenty of cars and seats to grab, or you can bring your own vehicle ( sounds off please ^-^) There's free popcorn and drinks, of course you can always BYOB. So grab a friend and join us tonight for a film on one of the biggest screens in sl. Just send me an I'm and Ill tp you right in or search Vixens Isle. There is generally a teleport box in the club that will take you right to the movie, or just use the teleporter on the wall.

Tomorrow we will tour the quiet Geisha village, for a nice rest after a day of exciting thrills. So until then, this is your traveling shape shifter signing off.

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