Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Elvis lives on

Yes he does, on a plot in SL.

In rememberance of the Kings birthday, I visited GracelandSL estate ( and dad gum it, not a single slurl to be found for the spot today.Gah). Not an exact reproduction of the ever so georgous Graceland Estate, but a very nicely done remodel. ( In otherwords, there are enough subtle differences that it can't be called infringment ^-^) If you've never been to Graceland, I suggest you visit it here in SL.

Next door to the actual home, is a store where you can pick up a pack of T-shirts all with Elvis memorabilia, or even grab yourself an Elvis avatar complete with one of the very nicely put together jumpsuits.

When you enter the estate, you are greeted by the many gold records on the wall. To your right is the front room containing a very nice piano that you can sit and play. Once you enter the room you can see the stained glass window panes that grace the entry into the sitting room where there is a nice fireplace and you can just imagine the Presley family sitting to open gifts on Christmas morn.

Return to the foyer and directly across from the other rooms are both the Jungle Room and the famed room with three TV's ( Elvis had all three on at once so he could watch all the channels.) His symbol for Taking Care of Business {the lightning bolt and cloud} grace the walls.

After that you can go upstairs ( something you are unable to do in rl, as this area was always private to Elvis and company was not allowed up there. In SL the proprieter has placed a few bedrooms upstairs, although I can not tell you how they looked. For the Kings birthday, he has created a club atmosphere upstairs. It was a mix of new with a feel of the one concert that Elvis did on a black stage in a crowded room. As I was early, I snapped some shots before the party. ( I chose to wear a poodle skirt and my bunny avatar. As a memeber of GracelandSL's group, I also proudly wore my Graceland Groupie tag.)

Elvis fan or not, this is a fun spot to visit and please do support the estate with a tip, this guy is doing this all out of his love for Elvis.

* Oh yes, I did manage to start my tour of the island I am shipwrecked on, and though I still have not solved the puzzle and found my way off the island in safety, I will be sharing the 1st half of my quest as soon as I get the pics edited ^-~

As always, your friendly shape shifter is off agian ^-^


SLNatalia said...

Ekio, you look so cute in the poodle skirt at Graceland. What a great idea! :)

Heehee and good luck with your island adventure :)

Ekio Locatiare said...

Thanks, I loved the outfit ^-^

Justa. said...

Hi Justa came accross this in A google search. I am very glad you like what I have done.

As you know being part of the group I have moved Graceland SL to a bigger plot, and is now a bigger place.

Hope to see you there!

Justa, Builder of Graceland SL.