Thursday, January 18, 2007

Search of the Sea Bunny

After a long few days without any adventure and no internet to boot, I felt swimming was needed. I used the ever fun search button and found a few places to swim. One caught my eye as it said there was more to do than just swim. So I checked it out, and they were right, Aquafrolic is definatly a fun spot to swim and more. ( The more is a bit of shopping, and every so often they have an event out there.)

They have a freebie snorkel that lets you explore the deep without feeling like a noob who wandered into the water. In otherwords a more realistic experince. So I picked one up and wandered around under the sea.

First off the dock area, I found a shark and was a little shaken, then I realized he was swimming in circles, and I quit worrying about that silly shark.

Then I found some pretty schools of fish swimming around and sat watching them for a bit.

After that something structural caught my eye and I headed that direction. There was a sunken ship. Not much left, but an obstacle course to swim through non the less. ^-^

So I spent the early evening swimming around in the depths of the water around the beaches of aquafrolic and I hope you'll visit as well.

Grabs her swimsuit* Guess I better hang this up to dry, This is your friendly shape shifter, signing off ^-^

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